Great to see such a quality Day Spa is  in Mustang. Thank you for putting your ad in the Mustang Times as it caught my eye. I am sure my wife will enjoy her day of pampering with the Nirvana treatment with added stones. Your website was great by showing me previews of gift cards and allowing me to change options at will. The ease of this online purchase will keep me coming back again and again.


Elmer Hagar

I just got back from "Hevenly Hands Day Spa". Ahhh I feel outstanding and peaceful. Amy (#2) did my facial which was heavenly .....no kidding. She was so nice. I fell a sleep several times during her procedure. I loved the way everything is catered to being so peaceful. The smell , the sounds, the staff, all make it a wonderful experience. Amy (#1) who is the owner talked me into a manicure (way to go). I was very realxed. Afer getting out of my massage she could haved talked me into a MUD Bath for all I know. Of course the manicure was given to by the kind and beautiful Amy (#2), of whom I will not soon forget. This Heavenly beauty center is first class. I look forward to the next special so I can revisit this hip and contemporary get a way for gals (Oh ya and hi maintence men too). lol Thanks Amy's! It was an awesome day:)


Katherine Callahan

Amanda has magic hands! Relaxation and a feeling of well being are what I receive with each visit. 


 The most wonderful birthday (spa) party ever! And it wasn't even My Birthday!


Outstanding!! Feel like I just woke up out of a 40 Year Nap. Shelbie did Great! 


Heavenly Hands has been my life line.
What began as a gift certificate became a way of life.
Tight muscles and pain have been part of my life for the past 10 years (and 8 back surgeries later). The wonderful therapists know just how to relieve my pains and ease my tension.  But their services havent been limited to just massages, they also have helped me eat healthier and make better life choices.
I have completed the Milis Candida and Weight Loss programs and was amazed at the results.  With the Candida Program I learned what foods had been causing me to feel sluggish and cause multiple abdominal issues.  The program was simple and the staff very supportive.  My middle school daughter did the program with me and the school was very helpful and supportive in helping her reach her goal. We both lost 10 pounds in a month and inches.
The detox foot bath surprised me by showing what areas of my body was full of toxins. The detox pulled toxins from my kidneys, gallbladder, just to name a few areas.  They also offer a detox wrap which I did along with the Candida Program and the Weight Loss program and lost up to 10 inches head to toe.
Another service that has surprised me is the Yoga classes. I am learning to relax, correct my posture, stretching my spine with little pain to my body.  Angie is a great instructor because she is patient and willing to find new ways when one way doesnt work.
So if you are needing to relax, revitalize, change your eating habits this is the place to begin.  Once you feel better about yourself, their owner Amy, will instruct you in Mineral Glow makeup products that, when used together, on your face result in a natural glowing look. 
So now that you feel good and look good your ready to go out but what to wear?  Their lobby has a great little gift shop with boutique clothing that will look fantastic as you go out in your new and better body and self esteem.  Thanks Heavenly Hands your staff has become family to me and I highly recommend you to others everyday.

Marsha K. Ferguson