LED Light Therapy

Advanced LED light technology skin care treatments developed by dermatologists for skin care professionals that can painlessly...

  • Improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, roseacea, broken capillaries on your skin
  • Help your skin appear more radiant, plump and smooth
  • Help tighten unsightly pores
  • Help reduce Acne

Affordable cosmetic treatments, far less costly than medical procedures

Non-invasive skincare with instant results!

Our Revitalight Skin Care System is a safe, non-invasive, effective use of advanced Photopulsation Light Technology designed to help diminish the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots on the face, neck and hands by promoting collagen firmness.  It also helps control and eliminate acne.

Extensive research involving safe light sources and wavelengths has enabled skincare science to create applications that allow light emitting diodes, LEDs, to help alleviate signs of aging. The key to LED Photopulsation Technology (LPL), is the scientific fact that skin cells are photoreceptive. The LED wavelengths which are used in our Revitalight Skincare System are less than half the strength of lasers used at their lowest levels by dermatologists, and therefore are completely harmless, yet effective.

The LED succeeds by passing its light through the skin in order to help promote collagen firmness. The Revitalight System’s cool temperatures cannot harm the skin in any way, and the disposable pulsator covers, made of FDA-approved plastic, assure that only a sanitized device touches the client’s skin.

How exactly does LPL (LED Pulsed Light) therapy work?

LPL uses pulses of visible therapeutic light over many wavelengths that deliver energy to all layers of the skin.  LPL treatments, which take about 20 minutes, work on the principal that light is absorbed by color and that light generates heat.

What LED colors do what?

LED RED light helps stimulate collagen growth and promotes collagen firmness.  The skin naturally appears smoother, tighter, and more radiant as the collagen becomes more firm.

LED BLUE light kills bacteria that cultivates acne, then helps stimulate and regenerate collagen growth.

Where did LPL originate?

There are many theories, but here in the U.S.A. the science of light therapy has been practiced for over 30 years.  It is used by NASA to aid in the rapid healing of cuts, scrapes and bruises in space.

Why is it then, that cosmetologists and estheticians can use LPL therapy?

Completely safe, LPL treatments are both non-invasive and non-ablative, they require no special licensing, thus they are approved by most cosmetology boards.

Will LPL therapy work on all types of people?

There isn’t any machine, system or application that will work on everyone.  However, it is estimated that LPL will work on over 90% of the population.  For those looking for a non-invasive, minimal risk solution without any down time, it is ideal.

How long do the treatments take, and how often can I have an LPL treatment?

We recommend an average of 20-30 min., and suggest 7-10 day intervals between applications for approximately 4-6 weeks.  Overuse is counter-productive.

Once I am finished with my treatment, will I need to come back?

Yes.  Depending on your age and skin condition, you will be put on a maintenance program.  This can vary from 45 to 60 days.  Check with your skincare specialist.

Am I able to go back to work after an LPL treatment?

Yes!  LED Pulse Light applications leave no after effects whatsoever.  It is another one of the many advantages that LED has.  You can carry on all your normal activities.

How soon will I see the results?

Most people will see results after the first application.  All people will feel the results of a softer, smoother skin that is lighter, more hydrated and has a “glamorous glow”.  We recommend an average of 6 applications for maximum results.

Who will benefit the most from LPL applications?

LPL will work on most people of all age groups.


Add-on to any Facial $40

Microdermabrasion + LED Light therapy  $105

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