M'lis Body Contour Wrap


Treatment $95.00  1.5 Hours

The M'Lis contour cream consists of formulas that helps to reverse the cellulite formation cycle by helping to stimulate the body's own natural lymph elimination functions.

The program is designed to help rid the body of toxic waste. Purification and elimination are it's primary goals, not weight loss. The inches you lose during each body contouring treatment are permanent inches lost. The inches are the trapped toxins and waste materials being eliminated from the body.The inches can only return if there is a weight gain,or if you continue in a cellulite building lifestyle. During the process,and even after the wraps, an individual may find it helpful not only  to decrease calorie intake,but also ingest food that is easily digested.

They should consume plenty of water to aid in flushing their systems and carrying waste out. Foods,which are heavy and rich, and tend to overload the liver and make digestion difficult,should be avoided.


At Home Care

The inches loss results achieved through  a M'lis Body Contour Wrap can  be maximized with an at home anti-cellulite regimen. The M'lis Home Care Kit can be purchased for use between wraps when done in  a series,increasing future inch loss results,or after a single wrap to prolong the circulation and cleansing process.

In addition to the Home Care Kit,an anti-cellulite  diet is important in the prevention of future cellulite accumulation. Avoid sodium, alcohol, preserved food, caffeine, nicotine, and cut down on animal fat (red meats  and dairy products). Substitute these things with fiber and complex carbohydrates, as they digest easily and are quickly assimilated. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of distilled water daily.

Exercise 4-5 times a week to stimulate lymph movement and to maintain proper circulation in problem areas.


  • lose 4-14" in one wrap-not a water loss
  • aids in breaking down trapped toxins that cause cellulite
  • Stimulates circulation
  • reduces water retention
  • helps to lose excess inches while losing weight
  • tightens and tones the skin
  • assists health programs candida (Fibromyagia  or any other health issue that involves a depleted immune system) 

Clients that included the M'lis Contour Wrap with Candida or Detox Program , saw the best results


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