Foot Rituals


Honey Lavender Foot Ritual    $65

Slip away for a foot renewal that begins with your feet and legs dipping into a dreamy buttery whole milk & chicory root soak in our whirlpool foot tubs. Next, a honey-lavender sea salt plus rice bran oil exfoliator smooths and softens legs and feet.Then feet and toes are brushed with a warm honey hydrating glaze full of live papaya and pineapple fruit cells, and soothing aloe. Steamed towels wrap and cocoon your legs and drinks in the nutrients. A grand finale massage enhanced with hot stones includes a honeysuckle custard shea butter cream that caresses your skin with essential vitamins, aloe and live fruit cells.   

Seasonal Foot Ritual      $50

A Seasonal foot treatment using our Farm House Fresh products to soak, exfoliate & massage legs and feet. Scents and products change with seasons. 

Muscle Relief Foot Ritual       $45

Reduce foot inflammation & pain with a warm Arnica epsom salt soak. Then lower legs and feet are massaged with our natural warming oil that penetrates heat into the fascia and muscles of the feet. The therapeutic massage is then followed with a layer of our all natural M'lis Soothe anti-inflammatory gel. You will feel like your walking on clouds when done. 

Ceremonial Foot Reflexology      $65

Reflexology restores energy flow to your body using pressure point massage on reflex points on bottom of feet. Stimulates organs tissue to help the body self heal. This includes a warm foot soak, foot scrub, mint & eucalyptus mask and warm paraffin all to prepare your feet for a rejuvenating reflexology massage.

Ionic Foot Spa         $30

The foot spa will asstist you to naturally expel accumulated toxins from your body.


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