14 Day Weight Loss
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You are likely thinking:  " Ya right, I can't lose that much that fast".


Well I am living proof that YES, you can. I lost 7lbs in 5 days and the additional 7lbs over the next 9 days and I have kept it off!  Seriously, if I can do it, ANYONE can. I’ve tried EVERY weight loss gimmick over the years and it NEVER worked. After a lot of trial and error and failures along the way I FINALLY found SUCCESS! What I will SHARE with you is what I refer to as my “Lose Weight and Feel Great” System. This will absolutely work for you, just as it did for me. -Wellness Coach Shannon McCulloch

On July 30th Shannon will be teaching a new and improved "Lose Weight and Feel Great" system. She will GIVE you her TOP 5 SECRETS to taking off excess weight and keeping it off.  

Jordon says: "OMG! I can't believe I lost 10 lbs in only 8 days. I have had the hardest time losing weight, plus now, I feel fantastic!" 

Join Shannon at Heavenly Hands Spa on:

Tuesday ,July 30th at 6:00pm and receive a free Body Comp Analysis, a $25 value, just for attending.



 We can help you shed excess weight, boost your metabolism and reboot your immune system  in a safe and effective way.

Expert Wellness Coach Shannon McCulloch , has successfully helped over 100 people reach goals they never thought they could for the past 14 years.  She will give you her expertise on why other diets have not worked in the past. You will walk away feeling motivated and educated.


14 day program includes:

*  Nutritional and Supplement  Education

*  Body Composition Analysis

*  Group Support and Accountability

*  Customized Meal Plan and Recipes

*  Learn Self Motivational Techniques

*  One on one coaching

*  Fitness Advice and Direction


Also Includes:

Detox Kit

Weight Loss Kit

Meal Replacement Shake

Body Contour Wrap

$277       Valued $485



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Tuesday ,July 30 @ 6:00pm

205 S. Castlerock Lane    Mustang, OK  73064   405-376-3100