NEW Ashiatsu Massage

New Massage Available at Heavenly Hands.

                                   1 hour  $85


Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy  is an ancient form of barefoot massage using a deep compression effleurage gliding over the body. Gravitational force is combined with centrifugal and centripetal movements to bring about structural change in chronic soft tissue damage. This form of effleurage relieves muscle pain through a push, pull, pumping effect on the muscles of the client. 

Two parallel bars are used overhead by the therapist for balance and control over the client while they apply soft clean feet for the barefoot massage. Compared to the hand, the therapist has more options with the ability to use the ball of the foot, the lateral angle of the foot and the heel to manipulate the muscle.The pressure sensation is very different from traditional massage.

The perfect Ashiatsu client is healthy and active with no current medical conditions or injuries and weighs more than 120lbs.



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